A 24 years old Indonesian woman.

Currently living as a part-time cloud engineer in a digital company based in Bandung. Mama said that the best job is to become a PNS, so I become one (Pegawai Negeri Singapur). A deadliner master student who still attend class through Zoom and often scrolls through Instagram while the lecturer is speaking, a still-learning wife that sometimes too lazy to do house chores and order a delivery food instead, a cat mama of a cream Persian cat named Bonnie (often called Obong, suit her character better) who act more like a domestic cat with her pecicilan and petakilan behavior, and a mother of one that is as round as a jemblem.

Jemblem is a brownish fried food made from cassava, round shaped, and as big as an egg, with brown sugar filler inside it.

Enjoyed k-drama and movie night with husband, have a random taste of music, collected a pile of books but struggling to finish one, spent too much money on stationaries and journals, having sweet teeth and love to munch ice cubes. Not a coffee fans nor tea, but loveee bubble tea. Told ya I have a sweet teeth.

Didn’t talk a lot in real life, yet still being chatty with husband and friends (and lately with Kiwi too!). Write to remind myself because I’m so much scatter-brained, to sum up the day, to speak thought, to archive memories. About yesterday, today, and everything in between.

Catch me here: alyafirdausyi(at)gmail(dot)com

You can find me elsewhere with the URL address name. I’m everywhere hehe.
I’m trying to be a serious version of me here. Read my blabber on tumblr. Posted more there. Chill.